September 7, 2022

Hollow Heart; different ways to get involved

Hollow Heart’s mission is really simple. We want to get as many people wearing the Hollow Heart pin as possible so that more one to one conversations are happening. Such conversations could save a life and at the very least help people feel more confident talking about their situation.

Whether you are an individual, represent a charity or a business, you can help Hollow Heart in different ways.

  • As an individual, buy a pin and wear it! That’s a fantastic starting point.
  • If you represent a Charity then we’ve got great ways of supporting you. Get in touch and we will send you our Charity Guide for more information.
  • We want to connect with the Business Community, no matter if you are a small local business or an international corporation. Get in touch and we will send you our Business Guide for more information.

You can follow us on social media too.