September 7, 2022

Meet the Team behind Hollow Heart

Hollow Heart was just an idea at the start of 2022. In a matter of a few months it took shape and now we find ourselves with a team of close advisors, many offering their time for free in order to support the work we are doing.

We’d like to share with you some details about the individuals and organisations helping us to move Hollow Heart forwards.

We wouldn’t be where we are now without their support

  • Piers Stacey – Founder of Hollow Heart 

    Piers’ story is both frightening and inspiring. His experiences are what Hollow Heart is all about. For Piers this is all about helping people to have those conversations earlier, reducing the risks for anyone thinking they are alone or in a helpless situation.

    Reach out to Piers on social media or email

  • Sarah Stacey – Clinical Psychologist  (NHS) 

    Piers’ wife has been a clinical psychologist since 2014 working with NHS and private clients. Sarah was there right at the start when Piers first reached out for help. Sarah’s intervention and signposting resulted in Piers reaching out to his GP. From there the Royal Marines Association picked Piers up as a veteran and supported him with therapy. Had it not been for Sarah the Hollow Heart story might never have happened. Sarah’s knowledge and experience has been invaluable, drafting the FAQs page and providing advice and guidance across all that we are doing. 

  • Chris Hull – Director of Digital Consultation

    Chris is a close friend of Piers and was one of the first to wear the Hollow Heart pin. Chris knew he could help Piers to get the message out there and has not only helped build the e-commerce website ( but also offered lots of support on how to set up the organisation.

  • Chris Budd – Business Advisor, Author, Musician 

    As well as two novels, Chris is the author of The Financial Wellbeing Book. The book and the accompanying podcast explore how to use financial planning to make us happier, not just wealthier. In 2019 he set up the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing (IFW) to bring together members of the financial advice, financial planning and financial coaching community who want to improve clients’ financial wellbeing.

    Chris has connected Piers with amazing people to talk to as well as providing a very valued critical review of Hollow Heart plans.  

    Find Chris on Twitter

  • Fifteen Ten

    A Bristol based agency that is a one stop shop for brand development, design, digital, video and overall communications strategy. The team have been huge supporters of Piers and recognise the power and simplicity of the Hollow Heart message.

  • Huboo 

    Huboo is a Bristol based business that’s growing rapidly.

    They help businesses grow by taking care of all the e-commerce fulfilment needs. 

    They have been super helpful and reduced the cost of their service having been inspired by Piers’ story.

  • The Maple @ Cleeve 

    A good idea needs a good home. For Piers and some of the team that home ‘office’ was brilliantly delivered by The Maple in Cleeve, a bar / restaurant that’s kept us topped up with bacon sandwiches in the morning and the occasional (and oh so awesome) Old Fashion cocktails in the evening…and their free wi-fi.