September 7, 2022

Hollow Heart Launch

September 7 marks the official launch of Hollow Heart, a community organisation that is focused on the promotion of positive mental health conversations. 

The Hollow Heart pin shows to others that the wearer is open to talking about mental health.

We are creating a community who cares about the mental health of others; people they work with, people they employ, people they live with, family members, friends and people who just need a safe space to talk.

Our vision is that by wearing this pin we give people the confidence to start talking about their concerns sooner and offer a safe place to listen and sign-post so people can get the help they need.


The idea of the Hollow Heart pin was born from our founders  own personal experience. In August 2020 Piers Stacey left the military after a 19 year career and within 12 months found he was really struggling. 

“I became anxious. I was angry all the time. I struggled to focus and couldn’t solve simple problems. I sought out confrontation because I hoped it would be an outlet for the rage, the frustration and the disappointment I felt about myself. I was having feelings of fear and being on edge that I had only previously felt before when I was being shot at on operations. I didn’t know what was happening to me. I didn’t understand why it was happening to me and it was becoming painful to live with. And, on many occasions, I wanted that pain to go away.” 

“One day after work on my way home and very nearly acted on the impulse to take my own life and it terrified me. When I got home I told my wife and she urged me to seek proper help.” 

“Following a doctor’s referral to the regional veteran’s mental health team I was picked up by the Royal Marines Association (RMA) – a charity which supports serving and veteran Royal Marines. After 24 seasons of therapy I am now in a better place, but I had it not been for my wife that day things might have turned out differently. She’s a Clinical Psychologist and this is where the idea of the Hollow Heart pin came from. Not everyone has a trained mental health professional in their life to talk to, and even though I do, it took me until I nearly took my own life to tell her what I was going through.” 


Our vision is to give people the confidence to have those conversations sooner so they don’t find themselves where I was, or worse, go that one step further. So, by wearing this pin we show others that we offer a safe and compassionate space to talk about mental health, it might help someone start the conversation sooner, and it might even save someone’s life.

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Wearing the Hollow Heart pin means you’re ‘open to talking about mental health’

To become part of our rapidly growing community visit to buy a pin, show your support and learn more about how to help those who need it.